IDX has long been a top innovator in Converged Infrastructure. We designed and developed the INTERdynamix SAFEd (Scalable, Adaptable, Flexible, and Elastic) POD in 2009. This enabled our clients to maintain a competitive edge by introducing new products and services rapidly.

SAFEd tightly integrates compute, network, and storage to deliver rapidly deploy-able, highly manageable IT infrastructure. It’s available in three different variations, depending your chosen compute stack:

  • IBM Power processors / AIX operating system / PowerVM hypervisor
  • Oracle SUN SPARC processors / Solaris operating system / Oracle VM for SPARC hypervisor
  • Intel x86 processors / extensive Microsoft Windows Server and Red Hat Linux operating system support / VMware ESX hypervisor

In order to earn the moniker SAFEd (Scalable, Adaptable, Flexible, and Elastic), we constructed the architecture with standardized building blocks and full virtualization. Our building block approach enables dynamic and unrestricted scalability so the environment can grow in lock step with demand, thus eliminating over-provisioning, and over-purchasing.

SAFEd is optimized for integrated management, which eliminates the time-consuming challenges of stovepipe operational structures.