Our Mission and Values

Information technology is the foundation of almost any business. When IT systems are working well, they bring your organization to a whole new level. When they aren’t, organizations experience significant reductions in productivity and customer satisfaction. While individual solutions often fulfill specific needs, the challenge lies in making them work together seamlessly. That’s our specialty.

IDX unites the best of breed products with your existing infrastructure and develops solutions that enable them to integrate.



We hire the best engineers, then invest millions in their training to raise them to the pinnacle of their field. More than engineers, IDX employees are integrators. We cross-train our engineers in multiple disciplines, with multiple manufacturers. Our depth of knowledge across the IT realm and innovative approach are what set us apart.



We work relentlessly to earn the trust of our clients. We mold technology to meet your business needs, and react quickly when those needs change. We help you take advantage of the best technology available today and position you for what the future will bring. Above all, we bring an unwavering dedication to our commitments, delivered with honesty, integrity and respect.



We work to understand your business and technology landscape and push to meet your deadlines. Our end-to-end service includes:

  • assessing and understanding your needs and circumstances;
  • identifying solutions by taking the best of breed and manufacturing connections; between the various platforms and applications;
  • developing operational models and testing solutions;
  • driving to production; and
  • providing ongoing maintenance and support.

IDX employees develop strong relationships with customers because they are on the project from start to finish, from determining your needs to providing supports through and after implementation.

IDX Labs, formerly the Centre of Excellence, is the lynchpin of IDX. This is the engine that drives the company forward, pushing toward continuous innovation and integration.

Technology is relentless. We help you harness it and open doors to opportunities you can’t yet imagine.


Our History

After 10 years as an entrepreneur in the emerging field of information technology, Sandro Torrieri founded InterDynamix (IDX) in 1995, filling a substantial gap in the industry. He noted that his customers and resellers weren’t investing in engineering resources, and he saw an opportunity to provide that service.

Starting out as a modest two-person company, Sandro’s vision was to have top quality engineers deliver state-of-the-art, customer-focused solutions. Now a thriving company of around 50 leaders, engineers, sales representatives and business support professionals, IDX is known in the IT industry as a world leader in its niche market. Serving any organization that relies on IT, including government, charity and private sectors, IDX looks after technology, so customers can focus on their business.

IDX is continually evolving with changes in technology. What the company did five years ago, it no longer does today, and what it does today, it will no longer do five years from now. In the past, customers were more prone to purchase end-to-end solutions from a single manufacturer. Now, customers are buying best of breed, and want their solutions pieced together with their existing infrastructure. The development of open source technology, generally not created with the end-user in mind, pushed the market away from bespoke solutions, making this a far more problematic and complex environment than ever before.

In today’s environment, the ability to integrate technologies to provide seamless solutions is critical. That’s our specialty.