IDX Labs

Keeping ahead of the competition means making sure that technology and solutions designed to deliver efficiency and innovative services can be deployed effectively and securely.

Unless solutions can be tested and validated in real-world conditions, obtaining actual performance measurements instead of theoretical calculations, the risk to your organization is significant.

From lab to deployment

Ensure that the choices you make are the right ones. Use our IDX Labs to perform functional, technical and performance tests to validate your architecture decisions before making capital investments. Validate solutions before releasing them, ease the transition between development and implementation, and ensure seamless migrations.

Test new technology to validate configurations or demonstrate concepts. Look to Interdynamix to help secure the specific equipment, integrate the technology and provide the interoperability and “proof of concept” facilities to execute your evaluation.

Interdynamix provides an environment that is flexible, adapting to geographical and schedule constraints, ensuring impartial results that can be easily promoted to senior management.


Let Interdynamix be the bridge

Interdynamix offers a wide range of services to support and assist our customers in the area of technology solution deployment, including

  • customization of applications
  • engineering services such as architecture design
  • test and validation with the proof-of-concept service
  • showcasing and demonstration
  • training and seminars
  • deployment with manufacturer integration services


Proof of Concept Services


  • Technology/Product Evaluation
  • Technology/Product Testing
  • Product Comparison Testing
  • Real World Simulation
  • Integration Testing
  • Remote Access

Lab Services

  • Product Installation
  • Hardware Installation
  • Network Setup
  • Technology Integration
  • Test Development
  • Test Execution
  • Results Analysis