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It’s challenging to align IT investments with business objectives. It helps to work with a company with decades of experience:

  • advising you on how to get the most out of their investment,
  • assisting you to calculate returns,
  • helping you to justify your expenditure.

By concentrating on delivering IT that answers to business problems, INTERdynamix improves your operational efficiency while driving down the total cost of IT ownership.

Interdynamix provides…

  • A customer focused, collaborative approach that emphasizes the right solution
  • Strategic and tactical guidance, considering both the immediate needs and the future requirements.
  • World class expertise for today’s sophisticated storage environment.
  • Specialization in storage area networks (SANs), network attached storage, highly available storage, backup/recovery solutions and heterogeneous technology integration

Highly Available Computing – INTERdynamix solutions are designed from the ground up for availability.  Our solutions lower the costs associated with downtime by preventing outages, and improving recoverability in the event an outage does occur.

Business Continuance / Disaster Recovery

To protect the interests of stakeholders and shareholders it is the responsibility of every director and manager to put Business Continuity planning and practices into place. It is their responsibility to ensure a business is back up and running quickly after an unplanned event or disaster has occurred. Our continuity and recovery solutions include:

  • High Availability Architecture Design
  • Local / Geographic Clustering
  • Data Replication
  • Transportable Virtual Services

Infrastructure for Big Data Solutions


Server and storage sprawl is costly in terms of capital and people needed to operate, manage, and upgrade this infrastructure. Infrastructure consolidation and containment with Virtualized IT provides a solution for these problems. Virtual infrastructure enables workload isolation and granular resource control for all of the system’s computing and I/O resources.

Storage & Data Management

From proven systems and open software to world-class services and solutions, Interdynamix provides advanced networked storage solutions for full compatibility with your existing infrastructure, so you can manage your information across its entire lifecycle, while managing your budget.