IDX NFV Framework

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To help your organization overcome the challenges of deploying and operating an NFV solution, and fully realizing the benefits of NFV, IDX has created a collection of reference architectures.  Each of these reference architectures is a combination of NFV components that we have engineered and tested for compatibility, performance, reliability, and security.  You avoid vendor lock-in without having to deal with complex and difficult integration issues.

Our NFV Solution Framework’s infrastructure core is based on your choice of Red Hat OpenStack Platform or VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO).  The Framework supports Management and Orchestration (MANO) options from multiple vendors, depending on requirements.  SDN controllers including Juniper Contrail, Open Daylight, Nuage, Big Switch Networks, and others are supported.  Storage services incorporate local storage within compute nodes and software defined storage via Cinder and NetApp SolidFire.

We are available to:

  • Examine a current-state network and determine your next steps in preparation for developing an SDN architecture, implementation plan, and deployment.
  • Assist you with technology selection
  • Develop an implementation plan
  • Integrate the solution with legacy networks

Once the solution is deployed, INTERdynamix is available to manage and operate it efficiently. We offer the following services to ensure operational success:

  • Integration with your existing operational practices, procedures, and systems. Benefits include:
    • Reduced overhead and duplication of effort
    • Utilization of existing systems where available, eliminating the need to train or hire new staff
  • Customized, finely tuned monitoring and alarming. Benefits include:
  • Policies specific to each environment or application minimize noise
  • Fewer false alarms drive efficiency and effectiveness of operational support resources
  • Precise alarming thresholds and severities reduce response time for critical alarms
  • Intelligent tiered design catches unique and rare events
  • Support from our highly trained and versatile engineers with a wide breadth of experience. Benefits include:
    • Improved incident scope identification accuracy
    • Drastically reduced engagement and resolution time
    • Minimized staff resourcing requirements