SDN / NFV for Service Providers

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Virtualizing traditionally hardware-based network functions is revolutionizing how service providers and enterprises drive customer responsiveness, while lowering the total cost of ownership.

“The traditional hardware approach is too slow. The only way to stay ahead of the demand curve is software… By 2020, we plan to virtualize and control over 75 percent of our network using this new software-defined architecture.”

John Donovan, Senior EVP, Technology and Operations, AT&T

In today’s world of digital transformation, where customer self-service and speed to market are critical, NFV can deliver dramatic business benefits. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) increases agility, lowers operational and capital cost, and promotes innovation by enabling rapid deployment on white-box commodity hardware, rather than expensive proprietary hardware. Providing service to customers can happen within minutes, rather than the days or weeks required for physical hardware deployment. Capital expenditures can be reduced by replacing expensive special-purpose networking hardware with software running on economical general-purpose hardware. Operational expenditures can be reduced by process automation, and through fleet reduction.

The road to virtualized network infrastructure can be complex and risky.  Expertise is required when tackling critical obstacles such as integration, tuning, and scaling.  Continuous research, training, and testing is paramount when working in this fast-evolving technology domain, in order to ensure that architectural changes and new features are identified and carefully analyzed prior to implementation.

Interdynamix has been at the leading edge of NFV, with multiple client deployments and significant investment in R&D, training, and lab testing.  We understand both the Service Provider environment and the technology issues.  See how we can help your business to differentiate!



Ask us about our NFV Showcase!

Built on our IDX NFV Framework, this lab deployment incorporates a selection of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) chosen and configured to demonstrate a number of NFV features, including scale-out and Service Function Chaining.



Software Defined Networking (SDN) increases agility and reliability, while simultaneously reducing cost by decoupling the control plane from the forwarding plane, and allowing programmatic management of the control plane.  This allows near-instantaneous response of the network to changing traffic patterns, centralized management of the network, reduction of human error, faster provisioning for new users, and reduced dependence on expensive purpose-built hardware.  Let Interdynamix help you achieve your SDN goals.