Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC)

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The Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) is a datacentre where the infrastructure is virtualized on commodity hardware and consumed as a service.  Physical hardware does not need to be reconfigured; all ‘control plane’ functions are implemented in software and programmatically controlled.  This allows dynamic configuration and automated provisioning of services.  The SDDC is managed as a unified system.  There are three components to SDDC:  Software Defined Servers, Software Defined Networking, and Software Defined Storage.

Some IT analysts predict that the SDDC market will exceed $80 billion by 2021.  SDDC will soon be considered mandatory for organizations wishing to utilize private or hybrid cloud solutions.

With SDDC, provisioning is automated and rapid, enabling the dramatic increases in agility demanded by digital transformation initiatives that many businesses are undertaking in order to remain competitive in their markets.  SDDC also provides near-real-time response to changing conditions such as load or outages.  Management of SDDC is done in a more coordinated and streamlined fashion, leading to cost reduction.

Although SDDC is key to increasing agility and enabling private and hybrid cloud, it is not the right choice for every organization.  Simply replacing legacy infrastructure with SDDC is unlikely to succeed in achieving desired outcomes.

“Infrastructure and operations leaders need to understand the business case, best use cases and risks of an SDDC,” said Dave Russell, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner, in a 2015 statement. “Due to its current immaturity, the SDDC is most appropriate for visionary organizations with advanced expertise in I&O engineering and architecture.”

Existing IT processes and skills must be transformed; distinct support groups such as compute, storage, and network must be replaced with a cohesive support team that understands automation and orchestration.

Let INTERdynamix work with your organization to determine whether SDDC can provide benefit, and help you to deploy and integrate the numerous components that make up SDDC.